Online store of Christian literature “Visson” (“Shandal”)

Christians are a reading people. After all, not all problems that arise in their daily life can be discussed with friends, ministers and even a pastor. And here Christian literature comes to the rescue. Where can you buy Christian books? Of course, finding a Christian bookstore in Moscow, St. Petersburg, or any other major city […]

Charles Perrault: Thumb-boy. The story of the adventures of a little boy the size of a pinky finger, French writer Charles Perrault, is intended to be read by adult children and self-read by children of primary school age. The heroes of the fairy tale will tell that even a tiny person is able to achieve a lot, possessing fortitude, courage and intelligence. The magnificent illustrations by A. Lebedev will fill the fascinating world of fairytale heroes with colors. A convenient format will allow you not to part with your favorite characters, even on a walk or on a trip.Review of the owner of Nissan Navara (Nissan Navara) 2006

Excellent technique, namely technique! In all performance characteristics it takes its leading place with dignity. Cross-country ability – plus, track – plus, acceleration and power allow you to surprise and be surprised in a positive sense of the word. I have a car for two years and nine months. Third owner. Almost 200,000 km, and […]

Osborne, Tommy Lee.

Tommy Lee Osborne Content. Biography [edit] Tommy Lee Osborne was born on December 23, 1923 to Charles and Mary Osborne, who lived on a farm near Oklahoma. The family had thirteen children. Tommy Lee Osborne said that he turned to God at the age of thirteen when his older brother took him to a small […]

Review and test of the SanDisk Extreme Pro SDXC UHS-II 64 GB memory card and the SanDisk ImageMate Pro card reader.

The constant increase in the resolution of photo and video equipment also affects the main parameters of the information storage devices used with them – the speed of read and write operations, as well as the amount of stored data. Memory card manufacturers only have time to bring to the market models of new speed […]