3D Sony TVs. Review and comparison of models.

At the beginning of 2013 3D Sony TVs are represented by models of the following series: KDL NX 720, KDL EX 720, KDL-HX753, KDL-HX853, KDL NX920, KDL HX 953. Similarities of all 3D Sony TVs The main thing that combines all 3D Sony TVs is Of course the opportunity to watch a surround video. The ability to reproduce the volume format gives the user a unique opportunity to fully immerse themselves in watching the film, experience more emotions, feel the “beautiful.” Moreover, you can afford to turn the 2D image in 3D.

The feeling that you are part of the events occurring on the screen, also increases thanks to the 3D Super Resolution technology, which allows you to increase the clarity of remote image elements. Sony uses active technology to receive an extensive image. Points in this technology are synchronized with the TV and require periodic recharging.

They are quite expensive and they are not equipped with all models.

More about the active and passive technology to obtain a 3D image in the article how 3D works in modern TVs. digital television

An even more contrast image, even more rich and bright colors, even clearer picture. All this became possible thanks to the X-Reality and X-Reality Pro system. The system is very powerful for televisions, with the ability to connect to the Internet. It is thanks to the X-Reality and X-Reality Pro system now it has now become possible to improve the quality of home video or video from the Internet when viewing.

The smart system will analyze the quality of the content, and the herself closes it to HD. The user remains only to really enjoy watching.

The noise reduction function eliminates the screen from the flicker, 24p True Cinema technology provides the original playback speed, the S-Force surround system transmits all sound subtleties.

3D Sony TVs can be connected to the Internet, and this significantly expands the user’s capabilities. In online cinemas, you can choose both 2D format films and 3D format movies. Moreover, you can find a good game on the network and use the image conversion feature.

All Blue Screens of the KDL-HX 753 series, KDL-HX 853, KDL HX 953 are equipped with a DVB-T2 digital tuner, which cannot be said about the TVs of the KDL NX 720 series, KDL EX 720 and KDL NX920, which can only boast of the presence of a built-in digital Tuner DVB-T. DVB-T2 is a new standard of digital broadcasting, which is now actively introduced in Russia. A complete transition to digital television in our country is planned by 2015.

Then possessing TVs with DVB-T tuner or televisions at all without a digital tuner for the adoption of the ethereal digital signal will have to buy a special console. Thus, televisions with built-in DVB-T2 tuner have some advantage over televisions with a built-in DVB-T tuner.

Differences 3D Sony TVs.

Despite the fact that all 3D TVs have a lot in common, each series is unique in itself. Read more about each, starting with less functional.

The most optimal price-quality ratio is 3D SONY TVs KDL-EX720 and KDL-NX720. Comfortable eye backlight EDGE LED, high screen resolution, built-in S-Force surround system, presence 4 inputs for HDMI, MotionFlow XR 200 – This is what brings together these two series and contributes to the highest enjoyment from their use. Perhaps the KDL-NX720 has a good advantage over the KDL-EX720, since the TVs of this series have the OptiContrast panel and Gorilla Glass glass.

After reviewing 3D SONY TVs from simple to complex, go to the next series, more functional than previous series. This is a series of KDL EX 753 TVs. From previous versions, it is distinguished by the presence of an improved system for improving the motion of motionflow XR 400.

A good advantage over predecessors have a series of KDL-HX853 TVs. In the TVs of this series uses a darkening type Local dimming. Local dimming technology is designed to increase the contrast of the image due to the local darkening of the panel area.

All went around the functionality of the last series KDL NX920, KDL HX 953. Let’s start with the fact that these series TVs are equipped with ultra-modern Intelligent Peak LED lighting technology. The new lighting technology is distinguished by the presence of a higher number of white LEDs and the ability to illuminate specific sections of the image. Thanks to this approach, the image on the screen is even more contrasting and comfortable for the eyes.

Moreover, in these series TVs, the latest system of improving motionflow XR 800 movement is used. Thanks to the use of the MotionFlow XR 800 system, the dynamic scenes acquire smoothness and clarity. Thanks to this technical innovation, the pleasure of viewing increases at times. Incredible, but the fact is that the TVs of the KDL series NX920, KDL HX 953 are able to increase

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