Block-modular power unit – review.

Block-modular power unit in container design.

MWM containers, mobile electric power plane from MWM. Comprehensive “turnkey” systems for complex applications. Quality with a sign “Made in Germany”. Optimized for reliable uninterrupted operation and quick service p.

Gas engines / generator sets.

Gas engines and generator sets operating on natural gas, biogas and hydrogen-containing gases produce from 400 kW to 10300 kW of electricity.

Disposal heat.

Cogeneration plants produce mechanical energy and heat for heating or use in industrial processes.

Completed projects.


The task of individual energy supply of five different buildings was set.

Munich Airport, Germany.

The existing MWM engine fleet was replenished with two TCG 2032 V16 units.

Plant GlobalFoundries Inc., Dresden, Germany.

Nine MWM TCG 2032 V16 units supply GlobalFoundries Inc. factory For the production of microprocessors in Dresden of the highest quality electricity. new gas

Universal Talent TCG 3020 – Now the MWM super power unit is also available in V12 (12 cylinders) and V16 (16 cylinders)

From now on, you can purchase MWM TCG 3020 with 12 cylinders (model V12) and 16 cylinders (model V16). These new gas engines will delight MWM clients with increased power – the difference compared to predecessor models can reach 18 percent – and a compact design that allowed to preserve their dimensions almost unchanged. The “comprehensive gifted” MWM gas engines attract high efficiency and versatility, and another “smart” digital control system, which guarantees the optimal performance of the electricity generation process.

Traditions, innovation and continuity are the main attributes of the MWM brand, MWM gas engines and the new company’s website.

Launcing updated site, MWM appears in front of us in a new, fresh look. Modified graphics and technical subtleties of the company’s website are implemented as part of a digital campaign about its 150-year anniversary celebrated under the motto “150 years of continuous innovation”.

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