Slimming soap.

Doctors – nutritionists offer this category of patients to revise the daily diet and change the taste habits. Sports experts recommend complete people to carry out a systematically complex of simple exercises for the normalization of weight. Each person chooses its own weight loss.

Today, special cosmetics are also developed, which are auxiliary to the main complex of weight loss measures. Such cosmetic products include soap for weight loss.

Special soap for the correction of the figure was developed in the nineties.

The miracle lump was included with marine algae extracts, natural essential oils that had to actively burn fatty deposits and relieve cellulite. Many consumers expected the rapid effect of applying. Manufacturers guaranteed a deep penetration of detergent components through the pores to the layers of fatty fiber.

As a result of systematic use of soap for weight loss The appearance of the skin has improved, but the fat folds remained unchanged.

In fact, the useful components of this cosmetics could not penetrate the deep layers of sebum. For this reason, the effect of the correction of the figure was not observed.

The essence of this procedure is to apply to problem areas of the soap layer and their active massaging for 15 minutes. After such actions, blood circulation is improved in tissues, contributing to the removal of fluid and clean the pores. The skin acquires despicable elasticity and tightening, which visually reduces the volume of the buttocks, waist and hips.

Soap massage does not recommend spending in the neckline zone.

Today, the soap for weight loss can not only be purchased in corporate stores, pharmacies, but also prepare themselves. The composition of the exclusive cosmetic agent is allowed to add any natural components: essential oils, ground coffee, olive oil, sea salt, etc.

The soap process is easy and accessible. You should prepare two saucepans, grater, spoon, molds, gauze bandage, rubber gloves and safety glasses. massage

100 g of children’s soap; 15 g of lemon zest; 15 g of ground coffee; three drops of lemon essential oil; Twenty droplets of the oil pressed from grapes; 30 ml of olive oil; Yellow dye.

We proceed to the preparation of the first layer of soap for weight loss.

To do this, grind 50 grams of children’s soap with a grater. We melm the resulting chips on the water bath. It is forbidden to bring the mixture to a boil. Maximum temperature 50 & ndash; 60 degrees.

Next, we connect the base with oil and zest lemon, a yellow dye, and grape seed oil. We mix the mass well and introduce a yellow dye into it. In a lubricated olive oil, we pour the resulting cleaner to the middle and leave for an hour for cooling.

The second layer is cooked similarly to the first.

Hammer coffee and olive oil is added to it.

In order for two layers well with each other, the first layer is necessary to wipe with alcohol and scratch the toothpick slightly.

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