three minutes extends the player’s “life” by another hour in active mode.


This multimedia device supports all popular audio formats. The model with pleasant design and good sound quality has a TFT display with 1.77″ diagonal and a resolution of 160x128px, so the owner of such a player can watch a video clip, too.

7 nice features of the device:

Reads not only audio, but also video formats. In addition, the player will be able to show a picture in GIF, JPEG and BMP. The owner of this device can also view a document or read a book: the model displays TXT files. equipped with an equalizer: the user can choose the best sound version of the seven factory presets.

The MP3 player is equipped with Bluetooth for synchronisation with mobile devices: you can quickly transfer files from your smartphone. If the user gets bored with the player’s playlist, the FM radio can also be switched on. The user can forget about deleting a track and loading a new one: the device can store up to 2,000 songs thanks to its 8gigabyte storage capacity.

In addition, its size can be increased by up to 32 GB using a memory stick. The built-in pedometer will appeal to athletes. The player is equipped with a voice recorder: it will be useful for journalists and audio diaries. voice recorder

A budget model with a modern, minimalist design is available in five colours. The model reads classic formats, including MP3 and WAV. The compact, portable device with pleasant sound can store up to 2,000 of your favorite songs.

Track information is displayed on a monochrome one-inch OLED screen.

Note: Audible/AAC and WAV are available with DRM (digital rights management licence). The exception to the AAC format is tracks taken from iTunes. There are no exceptions for Audible.

What the player is good for:

Ultra-autonomy – the device “lives” up to 18 hours on a single charge. The SANSA CLIP JAM 8GB supports SDHC memory cards in micro format and its own capacity can hold up to two thousand tracks. Simple, front-facing controls: for user comfort, the buttons are large enough to feel good even to the touch.

Fm radio – making it easy to switch to your favourite stations.


The stylish and compact MP3 player impresses with its ear-friendly sound, simple and attractive appearance as well as its intuitive operation. The stability of the device and its high autonomy complete the picture. The device is equipped with the Shuffle function, with which it plays tracks chaotically (in random order).

Note: The eight-gigabyte storage is enough to load about 2,000 audio files into the player.

Good battery life – on a single charge the device can run for up to seven hours. Convenient operation – all necessary buttons to start and stop the song, track switching and volume control are placed on the front panel of the player and are equipped with a pleasant LED backlight. There’s also an equalisation button for selecting audio settings to suit the musical direction (there are seven preset equaliser presets).

A convenient clip-on design makes ASTRO M2 8GB one of the best options for everyday use for walks, jogging.


A model with an attractive appearance is equipped with everything you need for comfortable listening to music. The device supports all popular audio formats and impresses with its autonomy.

8 attractive features of the player:

Depending on the file format, the player’s eight-gigabyte storage fits around two thousand tracks. In addition to the classic mp3-3 format, the T.SONIC 330 8GB plays WMA and WAV. The device is long-lasting – in active mode, it can last up to 12 hours on a single charge. The model is equipped with an FM radio with airtime recording capability: the user will be able to record and save a song that is played on the radio to the player.

Journalists and recorders will also appreciate the integrated audio recorder. The device can also be purchased to use as a flash drive for storing photos, documents and videos. It connects via USB.

The owner will be able to comfortably operate his player: the buttons are located on the front panel, and track information is shown on the one-inch OLED display. If the device runs out of power at the wrong moment, no worries, as the player charges quickly. Plugging in a power source, either a basic charger or any PC for just 10 minutes extends the player’s battery life for another hour.


Movement is life! Apparently, it was this motto that inspired the developers to create this model. A protected device created for active music lovers.

The device’s internal storage holds 4 GB of data: that’s about a thousand tracks. The device plays

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