Towards the Olympics. A brief overview of Samsung’s Olympic programs.

If earlier progress simply “did not stand still”, now it is rapidly bursting into any spheres of our life, sometimes even into those where it is not expected at all. Now the time has come for the ubiquitous progress to invade the area where, it would seem, he already was and there is nothing more for him to do there. We are talking about the Olympic Games.

Actually, the intervention has already begun and it will reach its peak by February 2014, when the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi begin. Samsung already has an ambitious plan to plant innovation everywhere, broken down into several significant pieces.

It was decided to hold their press conference, at which Samsung representatives talked about the start of the Sochi Olympic campaign, in two cities at the same time and to connect them with each other using a teleconference. It took place, as you might guess, in Moscow and Sochi at the same time. At this time, the brave landing force of Ferra.Ru was in the capital city of the future 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

After the Moscow frosts, it is pleasant to be in a city where the average temperature rarely drops below zero degrees Celsius. A few hours ago, there were dirty and terrible Moscow snowdrifts around, then the noisy bustle of the airport and now, finally, instead of the order of annoying snow, there was green grass around. And palm trees.

An ordinary Sochi palm tree.

The city itself is very beautiful, although now it looks like one big construction site. Everywhere you look, you will see either scaffolding or unfinished buildings. If those are not visible, then you can see some kind of KAMAZ loaded with building materials, or a crane.

Even from the shore you can see some kind of construction site.

The idea of ​​hosting the Winter Olympics in such a pleasant location looks tempting. In the city itself, you can live, renting a room, apartment or hotel room, and to watch the competitions go to the coastal or mountain clusters, where all the Olympic venues will be located. In theory, this approach looks interesting, but what will turn out in the end, we will find out only on the eve of the XXII Winter Olympic Games.

And there is also a small construction at the Adler airport.

At the press conference, Samsung recalled that it has been a global Olympic partner since the distant 1988, and spoke about its plans for the Sochi 2014 Olympics. scaffolding

A minute before the start of the press conference.

Within the framework of the Sochi press conference, Jan Sang Ho, President of the headquarters of Samsung Electronics for the CIS countries, made a speech, and Jay Sul Yu, Vice President of Samsung Electronics Russia, spoke to journalists in Moscow.

Jan Sanga Ho, President of Samsung Electronics Headquarters for CIS Countries, at a press conference in Sochi.

… and Jay Sul Yu in Moscow.

Also speaking were Peter Garcia Sjögrim, International Olympic Committee Representative, Yun Kook Lee, Vice President and Head of Global Sports Marketing Samsung Electronics and Sergey Pevnev, Samsung Corporate Affairs Director. Yoon Kook Lee said that Samsung will make full use of the experience of the past games in London, so that the games in Sochi in 2014 will become the first winter games of a new format: socially open and innovative. Then, at a press conference, they talked about three Samsung programs that will help make these Olympic Games the most innovative.

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