Where to buy wedding rings.

Where to buy wedding rings.

It seems that choosing something as serious as a venue or a wedding dress is more difficult and more important than finding wedding rings. Nevertheless, we do not recommend postponing this matter until later: after the wedding, wedding rings become not only an important symbol of your love, but also an accessory that you do not part with every day. Make a mistake with the choice – and you will remember every day that you bought not the most comfortable or beautiful ring, just looking at your hands.

The classics in the world of wedding rings are models in yellow gold without stones, which you will also find in our selection. But in addition to them, we recommend that you look at products of an unusual shape, with diamonds, inscriptions, platinum, refined or made in a deliberately rough style. We tell you where to try on and choose the perfect wedding rings in Moscow.


Price: from 56,000 rubles, models in the photo from 86,000 rubles

Engagement rings made of

gold and platinum that have not lost their relevance at all times are presented in Cartier boutiques, which are three in Moscow: in GUM, on Petrovka and on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. The most famous models are Trinity, which combines white, yellow and rose gold, as well as Love with recognizable symbols and Ruban in the form of a wave.


Price: from 56,000 rubles, models in the photo from 95,000 rubles

The line of Bvlgari wedding rings also features classic models, but the brand is known primarily for its massive rings with an inscription. They seem thicker and rougher than ordinary ones, and immediately draw attention to themselves. You can decide how much such a massive version of wedding rings is right for you in the Bvlgari boutique in GUM or on Kuznetsky Most..

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